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Our Why

You can purchase books anywhere,
so why should you buy from MSU Bookstore?

In 1931, a student and faculty-owned campus bookstore became more than just a place to
sell books and products to students, it became the only not-for-profit co-op campus store in Montana,
it became MSU Bookstore, Inc. Our goal has always been, and always will be, to lower the cost of
course materials for all Montana State University students. We accomplish this through the profits made from the
sales of our other merchandise like Bobcat hoodies, Caturday flags, and even local outdoor gear!

We believe in this model because we belive that the cost of course materials should never be
a barrier in a student's education journey. However, in today's climate of rising education costs,
this happens all too often. Our simple philosophy could drastically improve the lives of many
struggling students, and for this reason we exist, and the reason why shopping at MSU Bookstore
is so important for all Montana State students, faculty, and fans.

Our Mission

The MSU Bookstore Inc. is dedicated to supporting the goals of the University by satisfying customer needs
with the best possible service, products and prices in a customer-friendly environment.


Each MSU Bookstore employee is expected to promote an atmosphere of courtesy and respect within
the MSU Bookstore team by demonstrating positive leadership skills that build up the culture within the
MSU Bookstore and on campus. Some of these skills include such things as collaborative problem-solving, calm
and inclusive speech, and practicing a teamwork mindset over a harsh or authoritative delegation style. It is also
a baseline expectation that all MSU Bookstore employees celebrate our customers by engaging, advocating for,
and contributing to the feeling of acceptance and inclusiveness for all MSU Bookstore customers and employees.

The MSU Bookstore, Inc. is also a resource providing a comprehensive and diverse offering of goods, services,
information, and advice to the University community. These resources directly and indirectly support and
enhance academic course work and life within the University community. These services will be self-sustaining, sensitive,
and responsive to the community and will emphasize quality and value. The Bookstore will serve as a public focal
point and enhance the image of the University's and the industry's highest standards, commitment to learning and to service.


The MSU Bookstore had its beginnings in 1931 as a single clerk-serve counter in the office of
the University Registrar. It was later moved to a small room in the foyer of the Romney
Gymnasium, and finally, in the early 1940's, to the basement of the Strand Student Union.
Over the years, the Bookstore space has expanded, and now the store occupies 30,000 square feet
and maintains a staff of about 50-85 full-time, part-time and student employees. From our beginning
of selling only a few required text books, we have evolved into a small department store, featuring
not only required and recommended course materials, but also Bobcat logo clothing and gifts, health
and beauty aids, school and art supplies, snack foods and candy, technology like laptops, iPads,
and accessories,and a large selection of general interest books.

MSU Bookstore is an independent company from the University, owned and operated by the faculty and students
of the Montana State, and is governed by an elected board of directors that includes both faculty
and students. Its excess revenues are rebated back to its ownership in the form of discounts on
text and trade books, making MSU Bookstore a leader in lower-cost textbooks in the United States.
MSU Bookstore, Inc. is a 501c3 not-for-profit owned by the students and faculty of Montana State University.