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When Do You Need to Submit Your Order?

Adoptions are due:

General Info

How to Best Ensure Books Arrive On Time

Get your textbook orders turned in as early as possible. This gives our publishing and
wholesale partners time to pack and ship books as well as the bookstore team to get as many
used textbooks as possible. Turning in orders late means late books! If you are concerned
about your materials not being available for students the first two weeks of school, your
department may pay for expedited shipping.

What Type of Course Materials are Best?

Loose leaf books are not always the best option. It may be cheaper for your students up front
but looseleafs have a higher liklihood of having zero buyback value at the end of the
semester as well as students having to purchase additional supplies like binders.

Packages with access codes are only the best option if you are going to require students to
use the access code and physical copy. Packages like these also tend to have zero
buyback value at the end of the semester.