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Bookstore FAQs
Important Textbook Dates:


Renting a textbook is like renting a movie! You pay a much lower cost up front to use the book(s)
for the semester and return them when your class is over. You will need a credit/debit card
and your Cat Card (student ID) to rent your book(s).

Rented textbooks are due back the last day of finals week or anytime before. Rental books that are
not returned will have the remaining cost and an additional $10 fee charged to the card that was used
to rent your book(s). You don't want that, your parents don't want that, and neither do we!

Yes! Many students wish to buy their rentals at the end of the semester, especially for major
related courses. All you need to do is bring the book and an ID to the store. We will scan your
book and complete your puchase by charging the remaining cost of the book.

Inclusive Access (IA) is THE easiest and most affordable course materials option. If you have a class that has an IA title, the course materials are automatically loaded into D2L, and you will be billed for the material directly through your student account. Should you already have a copy of the course material or wish to not utilize the IA function for any reason, you have the option of “opting out” of the IA title during the first 15 days of the semester.

To Opt-Out:

A Few Other Things to Remember:

The Course Materials department is located in the back of the Bookstore. Books are organized
alphabetically by author last name. All you need to do is bring your booklist for the easiest
in-store experience! See above on how to get your booklist!

This could be for a few reason; it either means that there are no books for that class, we haven't received
an order from the department/professor yet, or it's an Inclusive Access title! IA books are
already in your D2L account!

Returns for a full refund are available for the first 2 weeks of class for the spring and fall semester and the
first week of each summer block. If you drop a class after the two week deadline, please bring in
proof of drop to receive your refund. A reciept is required for a full refund!

Buyback is when you sell back your unwanted textbooks. Buyback occurs at the end of the semester starting the Friday before finals week through the end of finals.If those times still do not work with your schedule, we also offer a 24/7 online buyback feature through our website.In order to have a successful buyback experience, your books need to be in good condition, with normal wear and tear acceptable. Water damaged books or ripped pages are examples of wear and tear that are NOT accepted, and yes, coffee stains are included as unacceptable damage!

We only buy books at retail value that are being requested by a faculty member for the upcoming semester. If a book has not been requested by a professor, we will attempt to buy it on behalf of a used book wholesaler. Sometimes, neither a professor or a wholesaler is looking for the book, and we cannot buy it back. We try our very best to get students the most money back as possible at every buyback!

iClickers are an in-class tool used in many large lecture courses. You only need one iClicker, and it can be registered to many classes at one time. You will most likely use it for multiple semesters at MSU, so check before you sell it back at the end of the semester. Your professors will teach you how to use and register your iClicker.

An eBook is just a digital version of your textbook that can be downloaded on your favorite device. Please make sure you are purchasing the eBook for a long enough time period to complete your coursework. If your ebook is from RedShelf, please use the following links if you need any assistance.

RedShelf Home Page

For Students: How to Access Materials

Instructor Support

An access code is a physcial code that is entered into the website designated on the code. Once you enter this code you then have access to your textbook as well as homework, study programs, and other tools (depending on the publisher of the book/access code). Your professors will help you register and use your access code.


You get Microsoft Office 365 for free if you are a current student at Montana State. Click here for download instructions.Still having issues? Visit UIT in the Renne Library for more help.

The education pricing for Apple computers is anywhere from $50 to $300 off depending on the model. Click here to see our education discounted pricing.

Anyone can buy an Apple computer from MSU Bookstore, but education pricing comes with restrictions. Only students, faculty, staff, and alumni are eligible to receive Apple education pricing.

No, Apple gift cards are only available to use inside an Apple store or through their website.

For Apple products, you can purchase Applecare from the Bookstore, nut it's required to be purchased at the same time as the device. Or, you have thirty days to purchase it straight through Apple. For all other brands you can purchase Consumer Priority Service for your devices.

Repair time depends on how extensive the damage is and how many customers are in front of you. Call 406-994-6580 if you would like an estimation before you come in.

Yes, we provide repair work for people inside and outside of the MSU community.

Yes, we offer repair work on computers even if they were not purchased through us.


All of our products are available in-store and online, so if we are out of a size online, we are out of the size in-store as well.

Orders are proceseed at 8am on business days in the order they were placed. If your order is placed after 8am, it will be processed the following business day.

We ship via UPS which allows you to get your items delivered straight to your door. UPS does not deliver to PO boxes.

MSU Bookstore is student and faculty owned company and in order to give back to our owners, all textbooks are offered at a 10% discount. In order to make it easier for you to compare textbook prices with other retailers, our discount is built in to the price!


Please email Dennis at dbloxham@montana.edu to set up an account. Once the account is set up, please bring your items to the customer service counter or accounting register. Account charges are not automatic and will actually be billed to your account once monthly.

Yes, as long as there are funds on your card, we can take it as a tender. However when CatCards are experiencing glitches, we cannot accept it as tender. We have no control over your Cat account and if you experience issues please contact the CatCard office.

Parents can deposit funds onto their student’s CatCards, purchase a MSU Bookstore Gift Card, or by setting up a Charge Account with our accounting department. To set up a Charge Aacount please email our accounting team at MSUBookstoreAccounting@montana.edu


Yes, returns on regalia can be made up until the final two weeks before the ceremony. Returns require the items to be in the same condition as when purchased, and you must have your receipt.

Basic regalia for undergrads consist of a cap, gown, tassel, and an optional stole. For Masters and Doctorates regalia consist of cap, gown, tassel and hood.

Although completely optional, our Montana State stole has special significance in the MSU Community. After the ceremony, the graduate may gift their stole to either a faculty member, family member, or close friend who supported them or had an impact on their academic career.

Cords are given to the graduate by their College (School of Nursing, College of Engineering, etc.)

Black is for Masters graduates AND all Bachelor graduates with a GPA of 3.24 and below Royal Blue is Bachelors with a GPA of 3.25-3.69 New Gold is for Bachelors with a GPA of 3.7 and above. Old Gold is for all Doctorates

Yes, just bring your old tassel in and let us confirm your tassel color with you student ID, and we will take the exchange. No receipt required.

Grad Fair is an event At MSU Bookstore during both the fall and spring semesters. Visit the store, and confirm you are on the list to graduate, purchase your cap, gown and tassel as well as diploma frames, class rings, stoles, and announcements. Meet with the Alumni Foundation, Financial Aid Office, the graduate department on campus, and more! Enter to win a free diploma frame, and learn about our graduation and alumni sales!