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Graduation FAQs

Can I return or exchange my regalia?
Yes, returns on regalia can be made up until the final two weeks before the ceremony. Returns require
the items to be in the same condition as when purchased, and you must have your receipt.

MSU Bookstore Return Policy

For more information about Montana State’s virtual Commencement Ceremony view:

What do I need for Graduation?
Basic regalia for undergrads consist of a cap, gown, and tassel.
For Masters and Doctorates regalia consist of cap, gown, tassel and hood.

Are stoles required?
Although completely optional, the stole is a nice regalia option that has special significance in the
MSU Community. After the ceremony, the graduate may gift their stole to either a faculty member,
family member, or close friend who supported them or had an impact on their academic career.

How can I get my cords?
Cords are given to the graduate by their school (School of Nursing, School of Engineering, etc.)

What determines what tassel color I get?
Black is for Masters and all Bachelor graduates with a GPA of 3.24 and below
Royal Blue is Bachelors with a GPA of 3.25-3.69
New Gold is for Bachelors with a GPA of 3.7 and above.
Old Gold is for Doctorates

I didn’t get the right tassel color can I exchange it?
Yes, just bring your old tassel in and let us confirm your tassel color with your student ID,
and we will take the exchange. No receipt required.

What is Grad Fair?
Grad Fair is an event that the Montana State and MSU Bookstore host during both the fall and
spring semesters. Read more about Grad Fair here!

Grad Fair will help you understand how to confirm you are on the list to graduate, purchase your cap,
gown and tassel as well as diploma frames, class rings, and announcements. Meet with the
Alumni Foundation, Financial Aid Office and the graduate department on campus.