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Compare textbook prices online all from one easy location.

Sound too good to be true?! No more staying up late researching the best prices on your textbooks. Get the resources you need for a successful semester with the confidence you are getting the best price. MSU Bookstore is leveraging the latest in textbook acquisition technology with the benefit (and wallet) of the Montana State student in mind.


How and where?

Visit MSU Bookstore’s website,, click on textbooks. Select the term you are shopping for as well as your entire course list with section numbers.

This website allows you to compare textbook prices for your entire book list from a variety of online sources such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chegg, RedShelf, MSU Bookstore and more. Pick and choose where you prefer to purchase each of your textbook titles. We are confident you will be pleasantly surprised how well MSU Bookstore’s textbook prices compare side by side with other retailers. Since MSU Bookstore is owned by Montana State’s students and faculty, any profits at the end of the year are rebated into lower textbook prices as well as other discounts in the store. Compare and see for yourself!

If you choose to purchase your textbooks at MSU Bookstore online, you are provided with a couple of options. One option is you can have your textbooks shipped to a physical address, whether you are on vacation and want to get a jump on your studies or hanging with friends at your dorm and don’t want to interrupt the fun. Another option is you can choose pick-up at store for your textbook order. The pick-up at store option allows you to come to the textbook window in the hallway, pick-up your textbook order, and get to studying without waiting for shipping. Pick-up at store textbook orders will be available to pick-up one week before classes start.

  • If you select the pick-up in store option for your textbooks for Summer, your order will be ready and available for pick-up May 11 - 12
  • If you select the pick-up in store option for your textbooks for Fall, your order will be ready and available for pick-up Aug. 21- Sept. 11
  • Textbook shipping is $14.95 UPS Ground, and there is a $5 service charge for the Textbook Pick-Up at Store option.

    What is the most affordable way to get textbooks at MSU Bookstore?

    The most affordable way to get your textbooks, if available, is to purchase used from MSU Bookstore and sell that textbook back at buyback during finals week. The next best option with the interest in saving money is to rent your textbook, the rental is due to be returned during buyback as well. In certain instances, new is the only option. Some of these instances are based on online access codes, which simply can only be used once, a new edition of a title, or maybe we simply were only able to acquire a handful of used books. Order your books as soon as you can to make sure you get first dibs on the used available.    

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