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Access Code
This is a password that you use to log onto course content online (such as assignments, labs, practice exam questions, and so on).

Textbook adoption simply means your Professor has ordered or "adopted" a textbook for a course. Keep in mind that it is not the Campus Store that determines what textbooks are used for each course but the Professor teaching that semester.


Textbook Buyback is one of the ways the Campus Store is trying to encourage recycling while reducing the expense to students. By selling their textbooks back to the Campus Store, students are able to save money for next year's textbooks and contribute to the used textbooks available for purchase.

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Course Code
Course codes can be interpreted as follows: the first number indicates the Level of the course; the letter(s) in the middle identifies the specific courses within the Level; and the final digit(s) defines the number of units of credit associated with the course.

Cross-Listed Course
A Cross-Listed Course is a course which is listed under two or more subjects.


An e-book is an electronic version of a book. Some e-books are only available online, while others are available for download to your computer (i.e. can be put on an e-reader, iPod, or computer).

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i>clicker / Clicker
These classroom tools look and work like television remote controls, and are used to respond to questions posed by professors in high enrollment classes. Frequently asked i>clicker questions.

example of an ISBN

An ISBN is a 10 or 13-digit number that identifies a particular title and edition of a book. You can find the ISBN on the back cover and is the best way to identify your textbook. Searching for textbooks by ISBN ensures that you buy the correct edition and copy.

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Optional Text
If a textbook is marked Optional, the Professor believes that the material in the book is supplementary to the lesson plan and will enhance your overall understanding of the course material. It is recommended that you attend your class prior to purchasing optional textbooks. Please check with your instructor and/or teaching assistants to inquire if you should buy any or all of the optional texts listed for your course.


Required Text
If a textbook or Custom Courseware is marked as “Required” for a course, it is due to the instructor’s desire that all students should read the material. It will either be discussed in class, or used as the basis for assignments, tests and exams.

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Due to enrollment, classroom size, and scheduling, some larger classes are divided into multiple sections and these sections are identified by specific section numbers. It helps to have your schedule with you when purchasing your textbooks, as some courses are sectionized

Special Orders
Our special order program is in place to assist you in locating and ordering those titles we do not regularly stock. We will order most books at no extra cost and have them shipped directly to our store for you to pick-up.


An online learning tool from publisher John Wiley & Sons which includes access to a digital copy of the textbook; a subscription can often be purchased packaged with a hardcopy of the new textbook, or as a standalone product.

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