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Garage Band Theory by Duke Sharp, Paperback
This is non Academic, practical, useful theory for living-room pickers and working musicians who want to be able to think coherently about music in order to ask questions and understand answers about the music they want to play.

The stuff in GBT is about understanding The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, Cole Porter and Duke Ellington, The Grateful Dead and Vampire Weekend.

It's NOT about analyzing Bach Fugues.

It was written for the 99% of musicians who are NOT music majors by a incorrigible honky-tonk guitar player who plays by ear ... but understands the relevant vocabulary and what's sensible and useful for MOST players.

Price: $49.95

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In the People's Interest by Robert Rydell
In the People's Interest, A Centennial History of Montana State University by Robert Rydell.

This book is a serious history, but not without lighter moments such as those brought on b a small band of students who secretly turned a revered college yearbook into the mother of all lampoons or the great Bobcat athletic teams who pumped blue/gold blood into the veins of sports fans throughout the region.

Price: $24.95

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We Don't Make This Stuff Up, Updated Second Edition
The VERY BEST of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle Police Reports
Price: $10.00

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