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BUYBACK and Rental return DATES:


What we buy and how much we pay:

During finals week of each semester, we pay you 50% of the book’s MSU Bookstore new book price if:

• The professor has ordered the book for the next semester.

• MSU Bookstore still needs your copy of the book to meet its quota.

• Thereafter, we pay the wholesale price as discussed below.

What happens if we don’t need your book for use at MSU:

• The Bookstore will buy your book to sell to a wholesaler if there is national demand.

• Generally, the wholesaler will pay approximately 30% of the book’s MSU Bookstore new price. That amount varies depending on supply, demand, edition, etc.

• We may not purchase your book if it is too written in, ragged, water damaged, etc.

When is Buyback?

SEMESTER START: We pay wholesale prices the entire first week of each semester.

FRIDAYS: We pay wholesale prices for books most Fridays of the year.

FINALS: Your best value is to sell your books during finals week when our needs are at their peak and when we pay 50% for re-adopted titles.

• Prices and quantities are subject to change.
• All workbooks and study guides must be "clean and complete."
• Packages may contain multiple components such as CD's, tapes, study guides,
pamphlets, books, etc. All elements must be present at the time of purchase.
• Water/moisture damaged books have NO VALUE.
• It is bad practice for students to sell books from their major or allied fields,
and from continuing or prerequisite courses.